Woodworking and Where to Learn the Skill

Woodworking is defined as the skill of creating things from wood. The process of woodworking is not limited to wood carving; hence it covers other skills as well such as carpentry, woodturning, building of furniture and cabinets, and joining pieces of wood together –also known as joinery.

Acquiring the proper education to master the skill of woodworking would not only greatly enhance the appearance of your creations; it would also ensure that the items you have built would be working perfectly. Whether it is cabinet, furniture, or even construction of a house, you have the peace of mind that the work you have carried out would be something you can be truly proud of.


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Where Can Someone Learn Woodworking?

Learning woodworking takes more than knowing how to carve or cut timber or lumber. The skill entails mastery of the standard knowledge required from cabinetry to carpentry: knowing the proper way of marking, measuring, cutting, as well as nailing. It also calls for recognizing the tools and being aware of their uses, and the basic understanding of building diagrams.

There are various ways one can learn woodworking. There are several schools in the United States offering trainings for apprenticeship for carpentry and woodworking. Although uncommon, a number of colleges also provide professional certifications for woodworking specializations and woodworking, in general.

Formal training to obtain an associate’s degree in woodworking and related skills usually requires the aspiring students to attend school. However, there are some schools that offer distance learning and online courses.

While getting a certificate on woodworking would open more opportunities to be able to work on more complex subjects, learning basic knowledge regarding carpentry and woodworking will enable you to work on minor home renovations. You could also learn woodworking by yourself and start some do-it-yourself projects on your own. Aside from woodworking being added to your set of skills, let’s admit it – it would save you some cash if you would do it right!

Schools Offering Woodworking Programs and Courses in the United States

There are numerous schools and colleges in the United States providing courses in woodworking. These are just some of the woodworking schools from various states and their locations:

Palomar College in San Marcos, California – This school is renowned for their Cabinet and Furniture Technology. Palomar College also equips their students to be able to open their own business related to woodworking.

Red Rocks Community College in Arvada, Colorado – This College offers a nine-month long Fine Woodworking Intensive program that gives the students to get hands on training on woodworking. Red Rocks Community College also offers courses to acquire professional certifications for the fields related to woodworking like woodturning, joinery, and cabinet making.

Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking in Manchester, Connecticut – This school provides training programs for woodturning, wood carving, furniture finishing and furniture making.

These are just some of the countless school in America offering classes and courses related to woodworking. If you are considering learning the skill and maybe even intending to make a living out of it, just choose a school that works best for you (you may even take online courses!) to get official certification and learn more about the craft.

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